Our Mission


Empowered by God’s love, we are called to be the compassionate presence of God in the world.


Touched by God’s mercy, we are called to be life giving women of prayer who respond to the signs of the times by embracing the suffering of others, and bringing God’s healing love to them.




“As sharers of the mission of Jesus and in the tradition of our founders, we are called in our lives and ministries to proclaim the Good News, to build community, to live the principles of justice and peace, and to seek solutions to human problems, always mindful that at the heart of our ministries is a commitment to the poor.”

RDC Constitutions


“Mission” is one of those words that is used so often and with such diverse reference points that its meaning can only come from context. For the Sisters of the Divine Compassion, “mission” is the reason we exist at all. 

The life of Jesus is our model for mission.  Our founders expressed it this way. “God has been so good as to put the Divine Compassion into our hands so that we can go and give it to others.”  From the very beginning Divine Compassion has been about the blending of strength and tenderness, community-building and hospitality, empowerment and solidarity, particularly with those who have no power.  Our particular “Divine Compassion community” hallmarks of gentleness, patience, and joy are the gifts of our patron saints Francis de Sales and Jane Frances de Chantal who found in these every day virtues the essence of the divine compassion. 

Our mission as the Sisters of the Divine Compassion is reflected all aspects of our lives. 

Prayer is at the heart of things.  How we are in relationship with God shapes all of our other relationships.  We were told early on that “you can’t give what you haven’t got.” In prayer we come before God, open to the gift of the Divine Compassion.

Our ministry is the second part of our founders’ injunction and describes “service with” God’s people, in the needs of this moment in time, usually most acute at the margins of society.  We describe it as ‘service with,” because in the feeding we are fed.

Community is the “we” that enables us to do more than “I” can.  It is our religious community of the Divine Compassion but extends way beyond to the women and men who have engaged with us in all the facets of our mission ~ our colleagues, our partners, our collaborators.