Those blessed to know Sr. Betty Ann Clifford (formerly Sr. Mary Kenneth) agree – “Sister is a child’s delight!”  After 64 years as a Sister of the Divine Compassion (RDC), Sr. Betty Ann remains a delight and blessing to numerous elementary and high school students who now have children and grandchildren of their own.

Originally introduced to the RDCs when she was a student at Preston High School in the Bronx, Sr. Betty Ann remembers her days there fondly, including the love and support from the Sisters as well as the close friends she still has from those days.

“The Sisters were always interested in us, and what we had to say,” Sr. Betty Ann explains, and “I had a wonderful group of friends. In fact, three of us became RDCs.  We just had a feeling that God wanted us to be Sisters.”

For Sr. Betty Ann Clifford, her ministry in teaching has been a glorious gift in her life.  When asked to share some of her favorite memories of her years in education, Sister remembers the countless times the children and teenagers brought her incredible joy. “From the first moment I began teaching, I fell in love with the children!”

Sister recalled her first experience teaching when she was just 20 years old.  As she and a group of RDCs filed out of the Congregation’s station wagon to teach at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel elementary school in Elmsford, they were greeted excitingly by a group of students asking, “Who is Sr. Mary Kenneth?” Upon identifying herself, she learned she was “Tommy’s cousin!”  Tommy was not too happy about their connection, but was soon relieved as Sister promised they would have great fun together. And that they did, as Sr. Betty Ann shared in the students’ sense of joy and wonder.