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The Divine Compassion Community is also a member of the Charter for Compassion. Created in 2008 by religious historian, scholar and best-selling author, Karen Armstrong, the Charter for Compassion is a global, cooperative effort to restore not only compassionate thinking but, more importantly, compassionate action to the center of religious, moral and political life.  Over 2 million people worldwide have signed the Charter. Grounded in a self-organizing structure of best practices, the Charter for Compassion organization engages individuals and communities in collaborative partnerships in compassion.

The Sisters, Associates and Companions of the Divine Compassion affirmed the exploration of Charter for Compassion in 2020, and began to organize internally to develop a local initiative.  In 2022, a Collaboration for Compassion (CfC) Advisory Committee?, including Sisters, Associates, Companions and Alumnae, was established, and early research about establishing a Community of Compassion pilot program in White Plains began. 

During the past year, members of the CfC Advisory Committee have met with government officials, nonprofit and membership organizations, corporate citizens and more to:

  •  Identify “discomforts” in the White Plains community—those issues that are causing pain and suffering to individuals or groups or the entire community—which can be addressed and relieved through compassionate action.
  • Find out what is already being done, or has been done, to address the most challenging issues in White Plains, and learn what has worked and not worked, and, recognize and acknowledge those successes.
  • Invite people to join us in creating a Community of Compassion in order to give voice and services to people in need in White Plains.

We learned that homelessness is one of the top three issues of concern in White Plains.  The Mayor’s office recommended that a Community of Compassion in White Plains should focus on giving voice and, ultimately, collaborative and comprehensive services to the homeless in the White Plains community.  We will be meeting with several organizations in December 2023 to discuss the development of a Community of Compassion in White Plains, and will provide an update on our progress early in 2024.

Individuals, families and all organizations can join the Charter easily.  The website has so many resources for you to check out.  Learn more at