College Alumnae

Connect with the Past...Engage in the Future

Welcome Good Counsel College/College of White Plains Alumnae. This website page is an initial step in finding ways to help strengthen communications and provide opportunities for reaching out to one another.

A strong relationship with the alumnae of Good Counsel College/College of White Plains is a priority for the Sisters of the Divine Compassion. You are among our most important and treasured friends and supporters. It is our responsibility to enrich and strengthen the sense of community with alumnae. While an ideal is to reach out to you personally, time and distance limit that goal. We need to be vigilant in aligning alumnae with our mission and vision.


We always welcome your thoughts on how to make this page as meaningful to you as possible. While our staff is small, we will always find time to respond to your questions or ideas.


With thanks to you all for your ongoing support and prayers,


The Advancement Department